Delivery of Vouchers and School Bags

It is an educational support program for the children of workers of the APPBG producers and to promote educational training. We seek to reduce student desertion due to lack of economic resources, this through the delivery of school vouchers for workers who are parents and thus motivate them to increase their performance, jointly strengthening the bonds of friendship. Benefiting with the delivery of school vouchers for producers, workers and partially mitigate the cost of education.

Adaptations in Educational Institutions

In support of the education of children and adolescents from the most vulnerable sectors, Asoguabo, carries out constructions and physical adaptations of educational institutions such as:  

  • Construction of the Patio of the “EL ORO SPECIALIZED EDUCATIONAL UNIT”, which serves about 170 young people with different types of physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Construction of a new classroom in the “BASIC EDUCATION SCHOOL REPÚBLICA DE FRANCIA”, located in CHAGUANA – CHONTILLAL on the GUABO – PASAJE road.
  • Construction of new sanitary batteries suitable for girls in the “CALICUCHIMA GENERAL BASIC EDUCATION SCHOOL”, located in the PROGRESO parish. del cantón PASAJE.
  • Cast from the floor of the meeting room of “ESCUELA DARWIN SERRANO CORREA”, located in EL GUABO

Infant fun

Asoguabo staff actively participates in improving the development environment of infants and with delivery of new children’s games such as:

  • Paint the patio and mark out the sports areas for the benefit of the students of the Oscar Efrén Reyes school.
  • New children’s games for the ANDRES CORSINO GARCIA school of the RÁJARO site in the Pasaje canton.