We are small and medium banana producers in the Province of El Oro, and together we form an organization that has allowed us to remain united and grow together, our identification is ASOGUABO and we have our own import company called AGROFAIR, where as an association we have a shareholding where each producing partner of ASOGUABO has voice and vote in the shareholders’ meeting of the importing company.

We are Small Producers, Great People

The people who grow our bananas do so with true love for it. If you have tried banana from Asoguabo, you will surely know why! If not give it a try, our banana is so versatile and delicious. Discover the people who are in charge of the cultivation.

Our Leaders

Our leaders are professional people, they have responsibility, security, empathy, optimism, honesty; Qualities make them worthy of being considered as a good leader.

Exercising their functions with responsibility and commitment, this leads them to successfully overcome challenges and challenges of commercial activity.

Thanks to your contribution, the association has productivity, internal competitiveness, a work environment, clear, measurable and achievable objectives, benefits that help the organization to function exceptionally well.


Eco. Edwin Melo Proaño

Eco. Edwin Melo Proaño
• President of the Association of Small Banana Producers EL Guabo – since 2018
• President of Corporación PROMESA EL GUABO – since 2018
• President of the State Fair Trade Coordinator (CECJ) – since 2019
• Treasurer of the Cooperativa de Productores de AGROFAIR
• Vice President of the Banana Network of the Latin American Workers Association
• Coordinator of Small Producers of the Banana Coast of Ecuador


Ing. Cornelia Zoeteweij

Since 12/01/2001, he visited our Ecuadorian lands, he fell in love with them; And, from this date, she provides her services in this organization as ADMINISTRATOR.

Since 2005 she has been the Manager of the Foreign Trade Unit of ASOGUABO, and since 2013 she has the position of Administrator of ASOGUABO.

Our history

The heterogeneous banana panorama in Ecuador has led to the setting of an official price for the box of this fruit, causing discrepancies between producers and exporters.

In this sense, at the end of 1997 the “Association of Small Producers of Banana El Guabo” (APPBG or also known as ASOGUABO) was formed in the canton of El Guabo, which has its origins in 1994, created as a project of the Regional Union of Peasant Organizations of the Litoral “UROCAL” to improve the economic situation of small banana producers, which would have the participation of five banana pre-associations17 and the support of the inter-church foundation “Solidaridad” of the Netherlands with experience in fair trade and It would be in charge of opening markets in Europe. These producers formed in 1996 an export company in which the actions of “Solidarity” were represented by the Dutch Service for Development Cooperation (SNV); However, internal conflicts and the damage caused by the 1997 El Niño phenomenon would cause UROCAL to leave, and ASOGUABO continued with the cooperation of SNV in said productive undertaking. At the end of 1999 the partners decided to gradually withdraw from the SNV to allow the autonomous growth of the Association.

In 2008, the Association of Small Banana Producers El Guabo (APPBG) is considered the world leader in the export of bananas in the fair trade market.

Organizational chart of Asoguabo 2021

organigrama de Asoguabo