Health programs

Medical Dispensary

In order to guarantee the collective well-being we have the Medical Dispensary, whose work is aimed at protection; providing medical care with health promotion actions, medical assistance is a right, the supply of medicine to members, their workers, APPBG employees and the community in general through an accessible service.

Medical Attentions

Asoguabo has a health committee that organizes, coordinates and executes activities for the medical care sessions in the medical dispensary and in rural parishes where the producer partners and workers of the producers are located. The rural health campaign is made up of a mobile team and care will be aimed at children, the elderly, men and women.

Health campaigns

For Asoguabo, health campaigns are a great opportunity to increase awareness and knowledge about health problems and to mobilize support in all areas for our collaborators, producers and producer workers. The medical services are of attention in general medicine, dentistry, visual, laboratory and physical therapy.

Asoguabo has been concerned that visual problems can limit our daily life without realizing it, generating insecurities, feelings of incomprehension and low self-esteem.

Through ASOGUABO’s dental health program, we seek to make our members aware of the importance of good dental hygiene, as well as provide adequate treatment and teach preventive measures for the most frequent dental diseases.

Our partners participated in a talk on healthy eating, given by Dr. Marco Albuja, renowned specialist in preventive and curative medicine from the “Towards a new lifestyle” program.