Organizational Strengthening

Reforestation Agreements

Asoguabo, through an agreement with the El Oro prefecture, participates in the “Sembrando Vida” program that supports the environmental initiative to reduce the carbon footprint by increasing plant cover. The reforestation plan will also contribute to conserving the ecosystem for future generations and generating favorable conditions that allow better productivity.

World Banana Fair

Asoguabo accompanies the producer partners at the World Banana Fair (FMB), which invites each year the fruit producers to demonstrate, through a contest, their best production, development and product quality. Meeting the requirements of weight, grade, number of coats, without damage, without stains and with a good presentation.

International fairs

Asoguabo through its officials and producers has been present at international fruit and vegetable fairs that promote commercialization, innovation, diversity and knowledge. Sharing with exhibitors and thousands of visitors related to the entire value chain and the fresh fruit industry, among others. These fairs allow us to develop all the business potential in the international fresh produce market.

Stores Fair Trade

ALTROMERCATO is the best known Fair Trade organization in Italy and the first marketing channel to obtain this type of product. Asoguabo, has been present in stores in Italy to tell first-hand about its products and the Association. Edwin Melo Proaño, president of the association of small banana producers El Guabo (Ecuador), talks about how the Fairtrade Prize is managed and used for development projects of the cooperative itself or for social projects in favor of the community.