Support for productive improvement

Agroforestry support

The main interest of small producers is the production of food and generating income to support the family, producing in harmony with the environment can achieve a more sustainable rural development. The greatest motivation of producers to adopt agroforestry systems is because it responds at the same time to their economic, social and environmental needs.

Soil Improvement

Improve the quality and health of the soils with an adequate preparation of the farms of the small El Guabo Banana Producers, to reverse the progressive degradation that has been generated through the intensive exploitation of the banana crop, for which permanent training is maintained and personalized with theoretical and practical workshops on the correct way to carry out crop management applying environmentally friendly agronomic practices and using in the best way the biomass provided by banana cultivation.

Baler Improvement

Support to make improvements in the infrastructures of the packing houses of the APPBG producers prior to a follow-up and recommendations presented by the Head of Field and productivity.

  • Enclosure of packing houses;
  • Roof changes – roofs,
  • Adequacy of walls and painting;
  • Roller arrangements and oval enlargements;
  • Relocations and extensions of bathtubs with placement of ceramics in internal and external part;
  • Ceramic floor extensions.
  • Improvement of pumping stations;
  • Adaptations and extension of Funicular lines
  • Construction of drainage channels and concrete bridges;
  • Enclosure of farm with wires.
  • Construction of footbaths.

Support in Control of Black Sigatoka

Technical assistance is provided to all APPBG producers in proper management of black leaf streak control, maintaining the guidelines recommended by the FRAC Fungicide Resistense Action Committee, using products with low impact whenever possible. environmental and permanently conducting training, group and individual workshops on agronomic management of the crop and phytosanitary leaf removal.

Soil, Leaf and Root Analysis

A fundamental tool is the evaluation of the fertility of the soil of the farms of the APPBG producers, it is important to determine the conditions so that they can be improved, it is the basis for defining the doses of nutrients that are required to be applied.