Massive GSM-Messaging to Producers

Biasms is a GSM-Messaging solution developed by Sosnegsa that combines simple keys to make production-specific queries directly to the ASOGUABO database and compound keys to record estimate information. With this information, court orders are generated that reach all cell phones, from the most basic to high-end cell phones.

Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station

We seek that the producer can reduce costs and properly use inputs, in such a way as to avoid losing resources. The Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station is an intelligent complement that must be included among all the inputs used by agriculture. Its main characteristic is to be very simple in its installation and handling. The initial data it will provide is wind speed and direction, rainfall, ambient temperature and humidity, and in the console internal temperature and humidity and atmospheric pressure. These are data that allow you to make the right decisions. We are working not to accumulate data for the sake of accumulating data, but to have the necessary tools when deciding whether to spray, plant or use machines to optimize inputs.

Settlement Application

The Association of Small Banana Producers El Guabo, has an On Line computer system that allows knowing the traceability of the different brands of fruit, which our producers ship weekly. As well as providing us with a fast and semi-automatic fruit settlement payment process.