Support to Foundations

PROMESA EL GUABO Corporation constantly attends requests for support to entities dedicated to non-profit social action. Our support as ASOGUABO is given with the objective that people can reach the full development of their potential and become agents of change. Achieving an inclusive society that respects and promotes human dignity and equal opportunities.

Care and Training for Senior Members.

Encourage older adult producers to do activities and thus maintain good health and well-being, contribute to raising the level of health, quality of life, through programs that allow them to strengthen their self-esteem through walks, trips, with the objective to increase its functionality and a more inclusive environment, valuing its participation in society.

Social responsibility towards vulnerable groups, especially children and older adults, people with special abilities and environmental management organizations; whose purpose is to promote social rights, contribute to the development of organizations, participate in change for the improvement of the quality of life of society in general, especially those groups that are in situations of vulnerability.

Attention to Child Development

The new children’s games in the garden are a perfect option to spend time with the family, and provide numerous benefits for the cognitive development of the smallest of the house.

Support to the Workers Committee

The Workers Committee of the Association of Small Banana Producers El Guabo has been concerned with the good life of each of our collaborators, the members of their families and their environment. The committee represented by a group of active collaborators supports the management to obtain improvements, typical of good living as:

  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Home appliance delivery
  • Delivery of Computer Equipment.

Support to Communities

We support community development with a sustained improvement in the quality of life of the low-income rural population through various combinations of efforts according to the specific circumstances of each local community.