We export our product under the FAIRTRADE label of conventional and organic bananas as food ingredients.

Our products are delivered with the strictest quality controls which are certified by Global G.A.P, which guarantees the commitment of producers to social and environmental causes. In our products we comply with:

  • Green, unripe.
  • Complete, firm.
  • Clean, free of visible damage.
  • Fingers intact, neither bent nor dry, fungus free.
  • Fingers without deformations or abnormal inflections.
  • Free from pressure and cold damage.
  • Free of external odors and / or flavors.
  • A sufficient and healthy crown of normal coloration free of fungi.
  • Smooth cut, no traces of tear fractures
Our conventional bananas are available in boxes of 13.5kg or 19.00kg, which are normally packed in vacuum bags or in polypack, depending on the destination or the customer's requirement. Our organic products are free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and we supply them in different packages such as banded, banded per pound, cluster bag, labeled cluster bag packed in 19 kg boxes or as the client requests.
The palletized banana boxes are placed on a wooden base called a pallet or pallet. The boxes are secured with plastic straps called bands that are closed with metal staples to maintain the stability of the pallet during transport and port operations.