Biosafety Equipment

Concerned about the health of our collaborators, producers and their workers, we have delivered personal protective equipment and hygiene supplies such as washable and disposable anti-fluid mask, gloves, face shield, glasses. With the mask we seek to contain potentially infectious microorganisms coming from the nose and mouth; with the glasses we seek to prevent the contact of aerosols, splashes and droplets with the conjunctival mucosa. Thus, as gloves to prevent contact of the skin of the hands with contaminated sources.

Disinfection Measures

Personnel disinfection tunnels were placed in a pipe structure equipped with a system of nozzles connected to a disinfectant pump station that ensures concentrated atomization in small droplets that form a very fine mist that is deposited on clothing, shoes or other objects. in the tunnel. Likewise, measures were adopted to stop the spread of covid-19 in the disinfection of vehicles through fumigation, prior to entering the Asoguabo facilities. It is important to bear in mind that these procedures are very rigorous with respect to the substances used, and that they are effective for that purpose and do not harm people or vehicles. The protocol adopted by Asoguabo contemplates the sanitation of the facilities with knapsack fumigation pumps. As well as installation in the interior of alcohol points.

Covid-19 testing

With the responsibility and seriousness with which the Covid-19 pandemic is handled in Asoguabo, all the importance of carrying out the tests has been given, because they help to prevent or detect contagion in time, in order to guarantee a work environment safe. The rapid tests carried out on Producers immediately determine when a person is suspected of being a carrier of the virus. Likewise, samples are taken from the employees for quantitative tests for antibodies in blood and for the Sars Cov 2 virus. These tests are a complement to the biosafety measures that have been adopted continuously.

Vaccination against COVID-19

Asoguabo is putting its shoulder to vaccinate its employees, the families of its employees and producers. Aware of how necessary vaccination is, our producers have gathered in this established space to provide the best care and contribute to the national reactivation..