We are an organization that groups together small partner producers, located in 3 provinces: El Oro, Guayas, and Azuay, which produce and export Fair Trade bananas, complying with social and environmental standards. It supplies conventional and organic bananas, as well as mashed bananas (conventional and organic) to the United States and Switzerland.

One aspect that helps to remain united and grow is the fact that Asoguabo has its own importing company whose name is Agrofair, where the association has a stake in this company, which means that each producer partner of Asoguago has a voice and vote in Agrofair’s shareholder meeting.

We are Small Producers, Great People

The people who grow our bananas do so with true love for it. If you have tried banana from Asoguabo, you will surely know why! If not give it a try, our banana is so versatile and delicious. Discover the people who are in charge of the cultivation:

Our Leaders

Our leaders reflect the qualities that make our producer partners extraordinary: integrity, competence and dedication to service. Meet our leadership team:


Edwin Melo Proaño


Lianne Zoeteweij

Our history

In 2008 the Association of Small Banana Producers El Guabo (APPBG) is and will be the world leader in the export of bananas in the fair trade market.

  • 1994 the project of the Regional Union of Peasant Organizations of the Litoral “UROCAL” is created
  • 1996 Solidarity contributions by the Dutch Development Cooperation Service
  • 1997 The “Association of Small Banana Producers El Guabo” was formed in the canton of El Guabo with 14 founding partners
  • 2007 Asoguabo in its growth bringing together 431 partners

Organizational chart of Asoguabo 2021

Organigrama Asoguabo